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It is finished. For some reason, I can’t get those words out of my head. Whether it be because of my youth or just my restrictive human mind, I struggle with grasping the concept of permanence. When Jesus spoke those three words, he wasn’t talking about a moment, a season, or even a lifetime. He was talking about eternity. It is finished, the debt has been paid, for all of eternity.

Every single one of us deserves to spend forever in hell. We cannot know the enormity of our crimes. Our simple human minds cannot comprehend it. But we’re all guilty, and we all deserve eternal death. However, because of the price that Jesus paid for us on the cross, we don’t have to receive our punishment. He took our punishment for us.

Think about that. Jesus took hell for us. Literally. Because I grew up in church, sometimes I feel like I’ve been desensitized to how much Jesus actually sacrificed for me. But when I set all that aside and focused completely on his death and resurrection, I realized that what Jesus went through was more than just a few hours of mental and physical torture. Yes, what was done to him physically was horrific. But it was more than that. For those few hours Jesus was on that cross, he was enduring the equivalent of an eternity in hell for every human that ever lived, or ever will live.

God, the father in heaven, turned his back on him. No one can imagine what that is like. No one would want to. There is no hope for anyone in hell. It doesn’t exist. So, even though Christ knew that eventually, he was going to die and be resurrected, in the moments he was up there he had absolutely zero hope.

When I think about the resurrection in this way, I am baffled by the sacrifice he made for me. He went through that, ALL of that, for me. He chose to put himself into the equivalent of the eternal suffering that I deserved just so that I could find freedom in him. He, a perfect, amazing, indescribable man, a sinless man, took my sins on himself… for me.

I cannot possibly understand why he did that, but I am thankful that he did. I will never be able to express how grateful I am.

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