Symphony Under The Stars | Pilisa S. Hamrick

I have always been a lover of music. The way it tells a story, each instrument a different element, each chord, each voice, each rhythm, all working together to make it come alive. The power it has to hijack your emotions and bring you into euphoria or move you into despair. Nothing else in the world compares to its complexity or its mystery or its grasp of the human soul. I’ve yet to find anything else that can calm me and also rile me up, elevate me into mania and throw me into depression, piece me together and rip me apart. Its contradictions imitate my soul that can be happy or sad or everything all at once.

But tonight, as I sit here under the stars I am beginning to experience music in a way I never have before. The stars are silent but they shimmer in a rhythm, their evanescence magnifying their beauty. The sky captures the scene as the moon illuminates it. The crickets sing from below me, in the moist winter grass as the cicadas and other noisy creatures provide the harmony from above. The cars rush past, each providing a unique tune. Kids screaming, babies crying, which under normal circumstances would be nothing short of annoying. But today, in this moment, their screams and cries fit so perfectly into the melody around me that I couldn’t imagine sitting out here without it. The wind hums as it chills me, the fireflies buzz as they light up my skin, the world becomes silent as this song is played. This single song, being created by all of the elements of my world. The natural and the artificial, God-made and man-made, all coming together on this night as a beautiful symphony.

But how does it all work together?, I wonder. How are the puzzle pieces of this world so magnificently able to fit within each other? I think about the God of the universe. The creator of the world—this world. Every detail on every leaf on every tree was thoughtfully and intricately designed. He is a God big enough to create a sphere that would hold eight billion people. But he is also a God small enough to know each and every one of those people by name. He knows each of their stories, their likes and dislikes, what brings them joy and what brings them sadness. The God who commands the sun to shine and the earth to spin is the God that sees inside every human heart, sees our pain, sees our struggles. The God big enough to conduct the orchestra around me is also the God sitting next to me as I breathe it all in. He made his creation; he saw that it was good. And I know that as I sit here, and listen to his music, and look at the world he has created—I am really looking at him. And he is so beautiful.

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  1. Tracey Edwards says:

    Beautifully written as always Pilisa and as well as you describe it I like instruments and your voice! God bless and keep your gift that God gave you coming.

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